CCQG has a collection of over 300 quilting related items - books, DVDs, etc. Members can check them out for a month at a time, but if you're late returning them, it is a fine of $1 per month. If they are lost, the person that lost them is responsible to replace them or pay the REPLACEMENT amount since some of the books are out of print and their prices are quite high to replace.

Collection Listings

Each link below is a pdf file that contains a listing of the Guild's collection sorted as stated.

The listings are valid as of June 2016

multi color stripe

Library List

            Book Title Author Subject
1,000 Any-Size Quilt Blocks (469) Linda & Weiss, Rita Causee
quilt block patterns
10-20-30 Minutes to Quilt (604) Nancy Zieman
100 Paper Pieced Quilt Blocks (462) Linda Causee
paper piecing
15 Minutes of Play (502) Victoria Findlay Wolfe
improvisational quilts
2 Fabric Applique Quilts (158) Nancy Lee Chong
applique - DVD
24 Angel Blocks (472) Linda Causee
paper piecing - angels
60 Pieced Quilt Borders (196) Judy L. Laquidara
A Bag of Scraps (948) Edie McGinnis
scrap quilts
A Baker's Dozen (240) That Patchwork Place
pre-cut fabrics
A Basketful of Taupe (849) Kylie Irvine
A Bird in Hand (976) Renee Plains
Folk Art
A Bountiful Life (496) Karen Mowery
A Day at Sunny Brook (952) Maggie Bonanomi
A Quilter's Christmas Cookbook (1005) Louise & Ranck, Dawn J Stoltzfus
A Year of Cozy Comforts (688) Dawn Heese
seasonal quilts
A Year of Paper Piecing (468) Beverly A. Maxvill
paper piecing - calendar blocks
Add-a-Line Continuous Quilting Patterns (175) Janie Donaldson
machine quilting
Adventures in Circles (514) Leigh E. McDonald
circle quilt designes
Adventures with Leaders & Enders (570) Bonnie Hunter
scrap quilts
All Star Quilts (390) Helen & Young, Blanche Frost
Alphabet Quilts (165) Bea Oglesby
alphabet letters
Amazing Nickel Quilts (700) Pat Speth
5-inch squares
Anna's Quilt (958) Donna di Natale
Another Season of Beautiful Blooms (560) Susan Propst
hand applique
Applique Delights (943) Becky & Jenkins, Linda Goldsmith
Applique in Reverse (686) Teri Henderson Tope
applique - reverse
Applique Rose Garden (927) Faye Labanaris
Applique Workshop (280) Laurel Anderson
applique - skill building
AQS Catalogue of Show Quilts (201) AQS
quilt show gallery
Asian Elegance: Quilting with Japanese Fabrics [same as 529??] (243) Kitty & Sylvia Pippen
patterns with "asian/islander" fabric
At Home with Country Quilts (835) Cheryl Wall
Away From Home (950) Nancy & Oliver Rink
reproduction quilts
Baby Quilts with Love (119) Alex Anderson
baby quilts
Bargello Quilts (832) Marge Edie
Bargello Quilts with a Twist (400) Maggie Ball
Batik Beauties (420) Laurie Shifrin
Batik, quilts
Beaded Crazy Quilting (603) Cindy Gorder
Crazy Quilt - embellishment
Beautiful Blooms: Quilts & Cushions to Applique (216) Susan Propst
applique - flowers
Becolourful Quilt Collection (1083) Jacqueline DeJonge
New York Beauty gallery
Beyond Log Cabin (1052) Kerry Gadd
Log Cabin
Beyond the Horizon (612) Valerie Hearder
landscape quilts
Bias Square Miniatures (821) Christine Carlson
Block Magic, Too! (452) Nancy Johnson-Srebro
whimsical blocks
Block Party (872) Alissa Haight & Lejnieks, Kristen Carlton
art quilts
Blocks, Borders, Quilts! (824) Steinkuhler
quilt designs
Bobbin Quiltin' & Fusin' Fun (1062) Michele Scott
Borders By Design (589) Paulette Peters
Butterfly Album (606) Bea Oglesby
applique - butterflies
Carrie Hall Blocks (594) Bettina Havig
historic blocks w/patterns
Casting Shadows (310) Colleen Wise
3-D quilts
CCQG Quilt Show 2011 (1012) CCQG
Celtic Pieced Illusions (171) Karen Combs
Celtic designs
Circle Play: Simple Designs for Fabulous Fabrics (242) Renola Pakusich
circles w/distinctive fabric
Clowns on Parade (968) Cathy Wiggins
applique - clowns
Coffee-Time Quilts (1038) Cathy Wierzbicki
Collaborative Quilting (304) Gwen & Moran, Freddy Marston
creative quilts
Collection of The National Quilt Museum (724) National Quilt Museum
Color Confidence for Quilters (626) Jinny Beyer
skill building
Color for the Terrified Quilter (142) Ionne & Pederson, Sharon McCauley
color study
Colorful Quilts for Fabric Lovers (1070) Amy & Burke, Janine Walsh
modern quilts
Combing Through Your Scraps (134) Karen Combs
scrap quilts - DVD
Complete Guide to Quilting (1004) Better Holmes & Gardens
skill building
Convergence Quilts (893) Ricky Tims
contemporary designs
Covered with Love (587) Becky & Jenkins, Linda Goldsmith
kids quilts
Crazy Quilted Heirlooms & Gifts (982) J. Marsha Michler
Crazy Quilts
Crazy Quilting With Attitude (767) Barbara Randle
Crazy Quilts
Crazy Quilts (678) Cindy Brick
crazy quilts
Crazy Shortcut Quilts (710) Marguerita & Raffuse, Sarah McManus
quilt as you go
Crazy with Cotton (101) Diana Leone
crazy quilts; memorabilia quilts
Create A Quilt (1050) Joyce Mori
quilt designs
Creating Your Perfect Quilting Space (143) Lois L. Hallock
sewing room makeovers
Cut-Loose Quilts (837) Jan Mullen
stack & slice
Cutting Garden Quilts (518) Melinda Bula
applique - fusible
Deck The Halls: Quilts to Inspire Family Traditions (221) Lynda Hall
Delectable Mountains Quilt (579) Eleanor Burns
Delectable Mountain
Designing New Traditions in Quilts (667) Sharyn Squier Craig
Digital Essentials (444) Gloria Hansen
EQ designing
East Quilts West (232) Kumiko Sudo
East Quilts West II (234) Kumiko Sudo
Easy Americana Rag Quilting (1042) Annis Clapp
rag quilts
Easy Memorabilia Quilts (1060) Trish Bowman
memory quilts
Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts (867) Judy Martin
Log Cabin
Fabulous Feathers & Fillers (312) Sue Nickels
machine quilting & design
Fantasies and Flowers (414) Kumiko Sudo
applique; flowers; fabric folding
Fast Favorites From McCall's Quilting (803) McCall's Quilting
Fat Quarter Quilting (348) Lori Smith
fat quarters
Fat Quarters, Small Quilts (942) Darlene Zimmerman
fat quarter small quilts
Feedsack Secrets: Fashion from Hard Times (128) Gloria Nixon
quilt history
Flags (593) Jan Patek
applique - flags
Flip Your Way to Fabulous Quilts (869) Donna Lynn Thomas
Folded Fabric Elegance (722) Rami Kim
folding fabric
Fractured Landscape Quilts (671) Katie Pasquini Masopust
landscape quilts
Free Motion Fun with Feathers (154) Patsy Thompson
machine quilting - DVD
Free-Form Symmetry (538) Patti Hempen
medallion quilts
French Braid Obsession (770) Jane Hardy Miller
French Braid Qqilts
French Braid Quilts (144) Jane Hardy Miller
French Braid quilts
French Braid Transformation (682) Jane Hardy Miller
French Braid quilts
Fresh Perspectives (818) Carol G & Finley, Bobbi Jones
classic quilts
Friendship Strips & Scraps (338) Edyta Sitar
scrap quilts
Fusing Fun (911) Laura Wasilowski
Graffiti Quilting (203) Karlee Porter
art; machine quilting
Greetings from Tucsadelphia: Travel Inspired Projects (581) Liz & Beth Hawkins
Hand Applique by Machine (871) Beth Ferrier
machine applique
Hanky Panky Crazy Quilts (800) Cindy Brick
Crazy Quilts
Happy Endings (873) Mimi Dietrick
Hawaiian Quilting (526) Elizabeth Root
Hawaiian applique
Hearts and Flowers (601) Kathy Delaney
hand applique - hearts & flowers
Heirloom Machine Quilting (412) Harriet Hargrave
machine quilting
Heirloom Machine Sewing for Quilters (796) Susan Stewart
heirloom quilting
Hidden Block Quilts (1030) Lerlene Naveril
History Repeated (392) Betsy & Staehle, Carol Chutchian
reproduction fabric
I Love Batiks (1020) Suzanne McNeill
jelly roll quilts
Incredible Quilts for Kids of All Ages (590) Jean Ray Laury
children's quilts
Infinite Feathers (382) Anita Shackelford
quilting designs
It's A Stitch (978) Karen Bolesta
Japanese Quilts (555) Jull & Watanabe, Yuko Liddell
Japanese quilts
Japanese Sashiko Inspirations (170) Susan Briscoe
Japanese quilting
Jelly Roll Inspirations (384) Pam & Nicky Lintott
jelly roll quilts
Jelly Roll Quilts and More (839) Kimberly Einmo
jelly roll quilts
Journey of An Art Quilter (330) Barbara Olson
art quilts
Joy Joy Joy (373) Debbie Mumm
Just Can't Cut It (889) Pamela Mostek
patterns - large print fabrics
Kaleidoscope Quilts (749) Paula Nadelstern
Kids Start Quilting with Alex Anderson (219) Alex Anderson
children's quilting
Last Minute Patchwork & Quilted Gifts (1002) Joelle Hoverson
Laurel Burch Legends (761) Laurel Burch
Learn to Do Redwork (402) American School of Needlework
Liberated Medallion Quilts (1085) Gwen Marston
medallion quilts
Liberated Quiltmaking (454) Gwen Marston
creative quilts
Liberated Quiltmaking II (456) Gwen Marston
creative quilts
Little Book of Patchwork Stars (1011) Chris Franses
Lively Little Folk-Art Quilts (362) Gwen Marston
applique & piecing
Living Large (404) Heather Mulder Peterson
fabrics - large print
Log Cabin Fever (406) Evelyn Sloppy
Log Cabin
Log Cabin in the Round Designs (186) Barbara & Bev Vickery Schaffield
Log Cabin
Log Cabin With a Twist (1026) Barbara T. Kaempher
log cabin designs
Lone Star Quilts and Beyond (325) Jan Krentz
Lone Star quilts
Long-arm Machine Quilting (865) Carol A. Thelen
machine quilting
Longarm Machine Quilting, The Ultimate Guide (864) Linda V. Taylor
machine quilting
Look What I see Quilts (658) Pat Yamin
I Spy quilts
Machine Embroidery Makes The Quilt (1072) Patty Albin
machine embroidery
Machine Quilting (195) Sue Nickels
machine quilting basics
Magic Stack and Whack Quilts (583) Bethany S. Reynolds
Magnificent Spiral Mandala Quilts (742) RaNae Merrill
mandala designs
Maple Leaf Quilts (516) Ilene Bartos
maple leaves
Mariner's Compass Quilts (1022) Judy Mathieson
Mariner's Compass designs
Mastering Quilt Marking (814) Pepper Cory
marking quilting designs
Men and the Art of Quiltmaking (301) Joe Cunningham
male quilters
Minimal Quiltmaking (311) Gwen Marston
piecing & machine quilting
Modern Bee (830) Lindsay Conner
Quilting Bees (online)
Modern Quilts & More (198) Kimberly Einmo
modern quilts
More Snippet Sensations (410) Cindy Walter
fusing; art; applique; landscape; portraits
My Stars VIII (152) Kansas City Star Quilts
New Cuts for New Quilts (897) Karla Alexander
stacking fabrics
New Expressions (369) Debbie Mumm
home d?cor
New Slant on Bargello Quilts, A (833) Marge Edie
New York Beauty Diversified (1086) Linda Hahn
New York Beauty variations
Nickel Quilts & Borders (702) Pat Speth
5-inch squares
Nine-Patch Extravaganza (161) Judy L. Laquidara
Nine Patch patterns
Not Your Grandmother's Log Cabin (550) Sara & Baker, Marci Nephew
Log Cabin
On A Roll (162) Heather Mulder Peterson
jelly roll quilts
One Block Wonders Cubed! (350) Maxine & Pelzmann, Joy Rosenthal
geometric shapes
One-Block Wonders: One Fabric, One Shape (244) Maxine Rosenthal
Optical Illusions (1034) Karen Combs
optical illusions
Paper-Pieced Mini Quilts (215) Wendy Vosters
paper piecing - mini quilts
Perfect Blocks in Minutes (1024) Anita Grossman Solomon
paper piecing
Picture Play Quilts (342) Ami Simms
I Spy quilts
Piec-lique (706) Sharon Schamber
curved quilting
Pieced Curves, So Simple (167) Dale Fleming
curves & circles
Pieced Flowers (930) Ruth McDowell
piecing - flowers
Pieced Hexies (132) Mickey Depre
English paper piecing
Pixel Play (1068) Emily Cier
pixel technique
Prairie Children and Their Quilts (375) Kathleen Tracy
doll quilts
Provence: Quilts and Cuisine (802) Marie-Christine & Parriaud, Cosabeth Flocard
cookbook; crafts; piecing
Quadcentrics (1036) Jackie Robinson
Quick & Easy Hexie Quilts (1058) Peggy G. & Wood, Julia C. Rhodes
Quick & Easy Projects for the Weekend Quilter (955) Rosemary Wilkinson
easy quilts
Quick Creative Quilting (860) Jeanne & Hatch, Sandra L. Stauffer
applique & piecing
Quick Quilts from the Heart (184) Marianne & Porter, Liz Fons
Quick Rotary Cutter Quilts (668) Pam Bono
small pieced objects
Quilt Batik! (747) Cheryl Brown
Quilt Inspirations from Africa- (436) Kaye & Johnson, Elizabeth England
African-American designs
Quilt Mavens (360) Deb & Mednick, Janet Karasik
paper piecing
Quilt Road (946) Kaffe Fassett
art quilts
Quilt-Lovers' Favorites, Vol. 8 (1006) Better Holmes & Gardens
applique & patchwork
Quiltastic Curves (344) Tammy Kelly
Quilted Diamonds (202) Linda Franz
applique; diamonds; history; piecing
Quilted for Christmas Book IV (730) Janet White
Quilter's Academy, Vol. 1 (1076) Harriet & Carrie Hargrave
skill building
Quilter's Academy, Vol. 2 (1078) Harriet & Carrie Hargrave
skill building
Quilter's Academy, Vol. 3 (1080) Harriet & Carrie Hargrave
skill building
Quilter's Academy, Vol. 4 (1082) Harriet & Carrie Hargrave
skill building
Quilter's Edge (346) Darlene Zimmerman
borders, bindings & finishing
Quilting for the Men in Your Life (1066) Pearl Louse Krush
Quilting for the Paws (874) Karen Duling
dog & cat quilts
Quilting Illusions (1008) Celia Eddy
optical illusions
Quilting Up A Storm (759) Lydia Quigley
Quilting Wide Open Spaces (1087) Judi Madsen
free motion quilting
Quilts 1700-2010: Hidden Histories, Untold Stories (190) Sue Prichard
British quilt collection
Quilts Are Forever (106) Kathy Lamancusa
fiction - short stories
Quilts in Bloom (914) Marion Haslam
mixed techniques
Quilts in My Cubicle (506) Barbara Holtzman
wall hangings
Quilts in Red and Green (704) Nancy & Thompson, Terry Clothier Hornback
Quiltscapes (628) Rebecca Barker
traditional blocks
Rectrangles (292) Pam Bono
Rhapsody Quilts (708) Ricky Tims
medallion quilts
Ring Around the Hexies (313) Bonnie & Depre, Mickey Hunter
scrap piecing
Rings That Bind (727) Cheryl & Pysto, Linda Phillips
Wedding Ring quilts
Rolling Along: Easy Quilts with 2 1/2" Quilts (683) Nancy J. Martin
jelly roll quilts
Row By Row (765) Terry Martin
row by row quilts
Save the Scraps (921) Gayle Bong
scrap quilts
Save the Selvages (1048) Sandy Thompson
Scatter Garden Quilts (1074) Pamela Mostek
fussy cutting
Scrappy Duos (820) Donna Lynn Thomas
scrap quilts
Scrappy Fat Quarter Quilts (1088) Marianne & Porter, Liz Fons
scrap quilts
Scrappy Firework Quilts (340) Edyta Sitar
scrap quilts
Scraps (212) Judy Martin
scrap quilts
Scraps & Shirttails II (574) Bonnie Hunter
scrap quilts
Scraps & Shirttails: Reuse,Re-purpose, Recycle (568) Bonnie Hunter
scrap quilts
Seeing Stars (121) Shelley Lynne Robson
Block of the Month - stars
Sensational Scrap Quillts (670) Darra Duffy Williamson
scrap quilts
Sew and Go Totes (763) Kristine Poor
tote bags
Shaggy Bags (862) Cindy Taylor Oates
Shots and Stripes (1003) Kaffe & Lucy, Liza Prior Fassett
stripe & solid fabrics
Simple Fabric Folding for Christmas (632) Liz Aneloski
Simple Graces (290) Kim Diehl
Simple Shape Quilts (197) Katheryn & Schutte, Rose Russi
modern quilts
Simple Start, Stunning Finish (972) Valori Wells
Simple Style (1056) Sara Diepersloot
Simply Stunning Woven Quilts (512) Anna Faustino
woven quilts
Sizzle 'n Pop (757) Trish Stuart
using pre-cut fabrics
Skinny Quilts & Table Runners (365) Eleanor Levie
SkyDyes (422) Mickey Lawler
painting fabric
Snipped Sensations (408) Cindy Walter
fusing; art; applique; landscape; portraits
Snowflake Follies (888) Terry Martin
collection w/patterns
Split-Diamond Dazzlers: Quilts to Paper Piece (416) Pauline Johnston
paper piecing - diamonds
Stack-n-Whackipedia (430) Bethany S. Reynolds
Star Struck Quilts (354) Barbara Cline
Stars A La Carte (207) Bethany S. Reynolds
Stack-n-Whack quilts
Stellar Quilts (356) Judy Martin
Stitched, the Film (182) Picturesmith Productions
Stories In Stitches (488) Britz, Dick, & Hammontree Bohl
quilt documentation
String Fling (572) Bonnie Hunter
scrap quilts
String Quilts (316) Elsie Campbell
string quilts
Strip Easy (720) Christiane Meunier
strip piecing
Strip-Smart Quilts (845) Kathy Brown
strip combinations
Sunshine and Shadow (102) Earlene Fowler
fiction - novel
Supersize 'Em! 22 Quilts from Oversized Blocks (260) Debby Kratovil
oversized blocks
Symbols of Faith (464) Linda Causee
paper piecing
The American Quilt (674) Roderick Kiracofe
The Art Quilt (745) Penny & Kile, Michael Kile McMorris
art quilts
The Big Book of Baby Quilts (1000) Martingale & Company
baby quilts
The Cat's Meow (751) Janet Kime
applique & piecing
The Civil War Diary Quilt (194) Rosemary Youngs
Civil War quilts
The Garden Quilt - Interpreting a Masterpiece (717) Barbara & Moore, Ilyse Brackman
applique; flowers
The Graceful Garden (524) Denise Sheehan
applique & piecing
The Joy of Quilting (642) Joan & Hickey, Mary Hanson
skill building
The Kansas City Stars: A Quilting Legacy (150) Kansas City Star Quilts
The Photo Transfer Handbook (105) Jean Ray Laury
photo transfer
The Quilt Show, Series Eleven (1009) The Quilt Show
The Quilt Show, Series Twelve (1013) The Quilt Show
The Quilt That Walked to Golden (1016) Sandra Dallas
The Spirit of Sacagawea (499) Polly & Simpson, Laurie Minick
applique & piecing
Thread Painting Made Easy (1089) Terry White
machine embroidery
Threadwork Unraveled (262) Sarah Ann Smith
thread work
Time-Crunch Quilts (809) Nancy J. Martin
piecing and quilting shortcuts
Tips For Quilting (1007) The Old Country Store (staff)
quilt tips
Totally Tangled (110) Sandy Steen Bartholomew
Zentangle designs (quilt design ideas)
Trapunto by Machine (103) Hari Walner
machine quilting
Tuck Me In (1028) Quiltmaker magazine
kid's quilts
Turning Twenty (652) Tricia Cribbs
fat quarter small quilts
Turning Twenty Around The Block (509) Tricia Cribbs
Turning Twenty Simply Sashed (510) Tricia Cribbs
beginner quilts
Two Color Quilts: 10 Romantic Red & 10 True Blue Quilts (684) Nancy J. & Reikes, Ursula Martin
two-color quilts
Underground Railroad Sampler (903) Eleanor & Bouchard, Sue Burns
sampler quilts
Victorian Quilt Block Designs (418) Jodie Davis
piecing - foundation
Victory Girls (1090) Polly & Simpson, Laurie Minick
patriotic quilts and rugs
Vivacious Curvy Quilts (938) Dianne S. Hire
curves in quilting
Watercolor Landscape Quilts (358) Cathy Geier
landscape quilts
We Gather Together (592) Jan Patek
Weekend Quilts (163) Judy L. Laquidara
strip combinations
Weekend Quilts (1044) Better Homes & Gardens
Weekend Scrap Quilting (753) Jeanne & Hatch, Sandra L. Stauffer
applique & piecing
Where Women Create: Quilters (1001) Jo Packham
quilt studios
Why Quilts Matter: History, Art & Politics (180) Inc. Kentucky Quilt Project
Wonderful 1 Fabric Quilts (172) Kay Nickols
using border fabrics
Wonky One-Block Quilts (960) Marlous Carter
wonky quilts